A: Crescent is a company building an app that is the simplest way to invest in crypto-currency.
A: Crescent’s app is designed for beginners to easily invest in crypto instead of guessing when to buy and sell individual coins. We believe crypto index funds are the smallest low-barrier way for investers to begin, and that automated robo-investing is the best way to grow your portfolio over time in the background of your life.
A: A Security Token Offering is an innovative investment vehicle to align the incentives of a company and the company’s investers. Companies create a digital token that they exchange with investers for contributions in fiat or cryptocurrency. The process is similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the stock market.
A: Crescent is issuing a fully compliant security token in exchange for the contributions of our supportive investors. We will share 9% of our total revenue with our COOL token holders. The STO hard cap is $13,800,000 and the total token supply is 1Billion. COOL tokens will be $0.035 per token during the main STO.
A: In most cases, yes! Investing in a company which is not established is always risky regardless of it being a startup in the crypto space or a traditional startup. However, some supporters believe that STO’s have some advantages like easier ways of reselling the coins. Whenever we talk about STO’s, questions are raised mainly regarding scams which come into the picture in an attempt to defraud investors.
A: Crescent is issuing its own fully-compliant Security Token (COOL) to align our investors with Crescent’s growth. The Crescent security token is a revenue-share asset paying quarterly dividends every 3 months to all token holders.
A: Crescent Token Allocation:
STO & Pre-Sale:   50%
Team & Advisors:  20%
Crescent AG:   20%
Partnerships & Expansion:   7%
Bounty:   3%
A: The Crescent security token is a revenue-share asset which pays quarterly dividends every 3 months to all token holders.
A: Crescent will be hosting a public Security Token Offering (STO) in 2019. More details will be announced soon, follow us on social media for news and updates.
A: Crescent Tokens are a registered security and will be taxed similarly to a publicly traded stock, such as a company’s stock you own on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). You should consult with your registered tax advisor for further advice.
A: IEO’s are very similar to ICO’s, the only difference is that while you list an IEO, the exchange does an extensive check of the offering in order to reduce and avoid defrauding of investors.