Grant Roscoe
CEO & Founder

Grant has been the visionary behind our company, products, and strategy. He leads our team and partnerships ...

He leads our team and partnerships for Crescent. Previous experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading. He is ambitious and driven to simplify cryptocurrency investing for beginners.

Krzysztof Godlewski
Head of web

Krzysztof has over 6 years of experience in software architecture with a specialization in backend ...

specialization in backend development. His advanced skill set is for building scalable infrastructure which will be critical in executing Crescent’s vision for servicing millions of users around the globe.

Dennis van der Vecht
Head of Product

Dennis has international work and management experience over the last 4 years in countries including Ireland ...

years in countries including Ireland Switzerland, and Poland. He has given live speeches about Blockchain at intertnational conferences. He bridges our design and development teams within Crescent for highly efficient workflow and strategic product direction.

Robert Fort

Robert is a social media marketing whiz. He has helped run marketing campaigns for many major companies...

campaigns for many major companies including one of the largest sports retailers in the world. While running his own marketing agency and scaling his e-commerce brands, his agency received an acquisition offer from global fashion brand, Adidas. Robert is helping Crescent with our large-scale marketing and referral campaigns for our launches in the US and internationally.

Damian Dennis
Product Designer

Damian joins us with over 5 years of product design experience having previously worked with companies...

previously worked with companies including Adidas, Reebok, Diverse, Samsung, Plus, Ronson, and PKP Intercity. He’s the interface design master behind all our products. He is passionate about creating some of the most innovative designs in the technology space.

Julia Mączka
UX Designer

Julia has over 5 years of design experience growing her role as a UX designer. Her expertise is to...

designer. Her expertise is to simplify the user’s interaction with complex technology to allow seamless interaction with apps.

Marcin Majchrzak
Backend & Blockchain Developer

Marcin brings over 8 years of development experience to the team. His passion is building new...

His passion is building new technology to disrupt traditional industries. He will ensure Crescent’s backend can exponentially scale during our growth.

Anna Gut
Backend Developer & Data Analyst

Anna brings over 5 years of backend development and complex data analysis experience to the team...

analysis experience to the team She is leading the core development of Crescent’s REST API and the logic behind its engine. Her expertise will continue in her role of implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into Crescent’s backend infrastructure.

Magdalena Karyś
Backend Developer

Magdalena joins Crescent with over 5 years of backend development experience. She is largely responsible...

experience. She is largely responsible for Crescent’s backend application logic and is deeply involved in the development of Crescent’s autonomous smart order routing system for executing orders.

Tomasz Medryk
IOS Developer

Tomasz has worked alone and in teams building large-scale iOS applications over the last 5 years His extensive...

over the last 5 years His extensive knowledge for creating scalable app architectures will help lead our iOS development. He enjoys scaling apps for fast and trustworthy performance.

Jakub Jodełka
Android Developer

Jakub is helping lead our high-performance Android development for Crescent. He is passionate about...

Crescent. He is passionate about clean code, agile development and is a visionary for Crescent’s strategic architecture to scale to millions of Android users over time.


Crescent is currently finalizing the members and strategic terms of our advisory board. We are speaking with executives from very large corporations spanning multiple industries, and highly-respected individuals in the crypto and blockchain industry. Stay tuned for the public announcement of our leading advisors.

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